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Only True Gen Z-ers Will Pass This Gen Z Quiz!

If you don't get a perfect score after taking this Generation Z quiz, you must be a total granny!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 16th 2022

Here's a quiz that was designed to see who is Generation Z and those who were born during World War 2, basically.

Are you feeling elite? Does your Gen Z trivia bop? Let's find out!

1/10 A TikTok dog

This is the most popular dog on TikTok with over 20 million followers. What's his name?

2/10 Sockie Norris from Norris Nuts
@sockie.norris | Instagram

This is Sockie from Norris Nuts. What's her real name?

3/10 Sam and Cat
Sam & Cat | Schneider's Bakery, Nickelodeon Productions | Nickelodeon

Who stars alongside Ariane Grande in the show Sam and Cat?

4/10 Luna Loud in The Loud House
The Loud House | Nickelodeon Animation Studio | Viacom Media Networks

What's the name of Lincoln Loud's heavy metal loving sister in The Loud House?

5/10 Amelia Fang
Amelia Fang | Laura Ellen Anderson | Egmont

Amelia Fang is the star of Laura Ellen Anderson's books. What is she?

6/10 Lil Nas X
@lilnasx | Instagram

What is Lil Nas X's real name?

7/10 BTS
@btsofficial | giphy

Korean pop stars BTS' name is Bang Tan Sonyeondan – what does that translate to?

8/10 Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls | Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Warner Bros. Television

In which fictional town is the show Gilmore Girls set?

9/10 A rocking grandma

What does 'pressed' mean?

10/10 A man in a rubber ring

In The Wellerman sea shanty, what did the Wellerman actually bring?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Result: Good try

Good try! Why not have another go soon?

Result: Great work

Great work! You're clearly part of Gen-Z (or live with someone who is)!

Result: Wow

Wow! You're truly Generation Z. This score is a bop, right?