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Test Your World War 2 History Knowledge!

See how much you know about history with this epic world war 2 quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 30th 2021

Learning about history is really important - so answer these questions carefully and find out how much you know about one of the worst conflicts in human history.

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1/13 An obscured engraving on a wall

When did World War 2 start and end?

2/13 A tank

The UK, the Soviet Union, the USA and China were on what side during WW2?

3/13 A map of Europe

What happened at Dunkirk in 1940?

4/13 A tank and a shark

Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan were on what side during the war?

5/13 A battleship

Who attacked the US Naval base in Pearl Harbour?

6/13 World War 2 quiz

WW2 was partly caused by problems that came out of WW1, and the way Germany was treated in the Treaty of Versailles (see pic). After WW1, was Germany treated well or treated badly by other countries?

7/13 Josef Stalin

Josef Stalin was a...what?

8/13 World War 2 quiz

What was a doodlebug?

9/13 A map of Japan

Nazi Germany committed lots of awful crimes in Europe during WW2 - the Holocaust, in particular. Japan also did similarly awful things in Asia - True or false?

10/13 A shrugging person

Hitler's ideas were based on really extreme racism, and he tried to use science to say that some types of people are better than others. Science has proven all these ideas completely wrong, by the way! Which of these groups of people did the Nazis think were the best?

11/13 Battle of Britain

Where did the Battle of Britain take place?

12/13 USA and Japan flags

How did the USA eventually beat Japan?

13/13 A city skyline collage

World War 2 was the bloodiest single war in human history. After it ended, European countries all decided that they never wanted to do it again. To try and keep the peace in Europe they started a new organisation. What was it?

Result: Oh dear

Oh dear! Have another go! Knowing your history is important!

Result: Pretty good

Not bad at all! Maybe you could brush up on a few history facts though - try this quiz again?

Result: nicely done

Good job! It's really important to know your history, and this was a decent score. Can you beat it on another history quiz?

Result: great

Very good work! Knowing your history is more important than ever โ€“ and you nailed this quiz!