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Quiz: Guess the Animal Collective Noun Name!

How well do you know your animal collective nouns? Find out by taking this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Good luck!

1/20 Two chimpanzees sitting together

A __________ of apes

2/20 A caterpillar

An __________ of caterpillars

3/20 A crocodile

A __________ of crocodiles

4/20 A smiling dolphin

A __________ of dolphins

5/20 An eel

A __________ of eels

6/20 Goldfish

A __________ of goldfish 

7/20 A hedgehog relaxing on the grass

An __________ of hedgehogs 

8/20 A small mouse nibbles at some cheese

A __________ of mice

9/20 Common squirrel monkeys playing on a tree branch

A __________ of monkeys

10/20 Raccoons

A __________ of raccoons

11/20 Sardines swimming in the sea

A __________ of sardines 

12/20 Tigers

An __________ of tigers

13/20 Wolves

A __________ of wolves

14/20 A group of geese

A __________ of geese

15/20 Giraffes

A __________ of giraffes 

16/20 Gorillas in a wooded area

A __________ of gorillas 

17/20 Two magpies on a roof

A __________ of magpies

18/20 Three parrots on a branch

A __________ of parrots

19/20 Two lions

A __________ of lions

20/20 Two rats

A __________ of rats

A rat looks nervously at your score

Oh dear! Your score has made this tiny rat a little bit nervous. Have another to make them feel better!And if you need some study time before taking the quiz again, why not play Guess the Animal From the Animal Baby? It'll give you a great head start before you try to quiz again!

A giraffe praises your quiz efforts

Good try! This giraffe has stopped munching on a tree to congratulate you on your efforts!And if you think that giraffe is transfixed, check out Animals Getting Hypnotised! Seriously, these are some VERY chilled-out critters!

A monkey eating a banana

Great work! This monkey is having a banana to celebrate on your behalf!And hey, you think that monkey looks funny? You need to see These Animals Pretend To Be Human! No that's how you monkey around!

A parrot is is pleased at your score

Awesome! You've got a perfect score!Time to chill out and what better way to relax than by watching these Sleepy Animals! We bet you can't stay awake while you watch!