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11 Hugely Fascinating Hagrid Facts!

See how many of these fun facts you know about the Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  January 6th 2024

Everyone loves Rubeus Hagrid - he carried Harry to safety as a baby, was the first to tell him he was a wizard, and carried him out of the Forbidden Forest in the last book. But there are some facts you might not remember from the series, or maybe that you've never heard before! Check out these eleven fun facts about everyone's favourite gentle giant! And, need more Harry Potter facts? We've got 'em! Learn all about Luna Lovegood, Dumbledore and Draco Malfoy!

1. He went to school with Voldemort

Weird to think about, but way back in Chamber of Secrets it was confirmed that Hagrid and Voldemort (or Tom Riddle, as he was known then) were at school together. It was actually Voldemort that got Hagrid expelled, when he tried to frame him for opening the Chamber of Secrets!

2. He's allergic to cats

In Philosopher's Stone when Hagrid buys Hedwig for Harry, he mentions that he can't stand cats because they make him sneeze!

3. He was a Gryffindor

It's never mentioned in the books or the films, but it's been confirmed that Hagrid is a Gryffindor - brave, noble and true!

4. He can't be Stunned

Or at least, it's really difficult to take him down with a Stunning spell! He was hit by several in Order of the Phoenix and managed to walk it off (unlike poor Professor McGonagall)!

5. He's smaller in the films

Time for some numbers! In the films Hagrid is roughly 8 and a half feet tall and not much wider than an average man. In the books he is described as twice as tall as a normal man and five times as wide. That would make him around eleven and a half feet tall and at least six feet across!

6. He hosted "Support Harry Potter" parties

We know Hagrid is loyal as can be, and sometimes that gets him in trouble! In Deathly Hallows it's mentioned on the Potterwatch radio broadcast that Hagrid was throwing "Support Harry Potter" parties while Hogwarts was under the rule of Snape and the evil Carrow siblings!

7. He had a single dad

Hagrid's mum was a giant, which meant he grew up with just his human dad looking after him (giants are dangerous creatures and aren't allowed to live near wizards). Hagrid was so much taller than his dad that he could pick him up and put him top of the dresser at the age of six! Sadly Hagrid's dad died when Hagrid was just twelve.

8. He can't produce a Patronus

Hagrid apparently can't cast the Patronus spell to proctect himself from Dementors. This makes sense, as it's a very tricky spell and he doesn't have a wand. Speaking of which...

9. His wand was made of oak

According to Ollivander, Hagrid's wand was sixteen inches long, made of oak and rather bendy. It was snapped in two when Hagrid was expelled, but he keeps the pieces inside his pink umbrella, which he sometimes uses to sneakily perform magic with!

10. His name comes from another book

"Hagrid" is such an unusual name, you might think it was made up for the books. It actually appears in The Mayor of Casterbridge, an 1886 novel by English author Thomas Hardy. The word "hag-rid" is used in one passage to describe indigestion. The word may also be related to the old-fashioned word "hagridden", which means to have nightmares. Eek!

11. He's in every book and every film!

Harry Potter has a LOT of characters in it, and some really important ones are in it less than you'd think - Bellatrix Lestrange didn't appear until the fourth book, Luna Lovegood was introudced in book five, and Sirius Black only appeared in three of the seven books! But Hagrid, as the very first wizard to tell Harry who he really is, is an important part of Harry's story and is in all seven books and all eight films! Like Harry says - "There's no Hogwarts without you, Hagrid"!