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20 Hair Jokes That Are Hair-larious!

These hair jokes are hair-raisingly funny! Check them out for some serious lock based laughs that will really GEL with you!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 29th 2024

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How do bees style their hair?

With honeycombs!

How do hot dogs wear their hair?

In a bun!

What did one hair say to the other?

I love you unconditionally!

What do bees ask for at the hairdressers?

A buzz cut!

What did the police do when the hairdresser went on the run?

They combed the area!

What do hairdressers do at the gym?


Where do sheep go to get shorn?

The baaa-ber!

What do you call a group of hairdressers cooking outdoors?

A barber-cue!

What cheese has the curliest hair?


Did you hear about the new hairdressers?

It's a breath of fresh hair!

Why was the woman's hair annoyed?

She was always teasing it!

Why are hair jokes so good?

They're a cut above the rest!

Why did the hair stylists get on so well?

Dunno, they just really gelled together!

How does a spaceman cut his hair?

Eclipse it!

I used to hate my hair...

But its growing on me!

What hairstyle do fungi like?

A mushroom cut!

Why are hairdressers so good with money?

They're good at shaving!

Who's a hairdressers favourite musician?

Hairy Styles!

Why are hairdressers never late for work?

They know all the short cuts!

Why doesn't the moon shave?

Because it waxes!

How did the barber win the bike race?

He took a short cut!

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