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20 Eyebrow Jokes That Are Hairy Funny!

These eyebrow jokes will raise a smile! Check out these funny eyebrow jokes and see which one is your favourite!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  September 28th 2023

These eyebrow jokes are very high brow! Have a look at them and see which ones are your fave! And we've got so many more jokes if you enjoyed these! How about these charming cheese jokes? Or maybe you're in the mood to chuckle at these chicken jokes? We've even got these magical Harry Potter jokes! And we've got hundreds more laughs on our jokes hub, check it out!

I like to adopt body parts

I've raised a few eyebrows!

What do you call Daniel Radcliffe when he doesn't pluck his eyebrows?

Hairy Potter!

I told my friend she draws her eyebrows too high

She looked surprised!

I've finally trimmed my very bushy eyebrows...

It's changed the way I see the world!

It's really hard getting an appointment with my eyebrow beautician

She said she could pencil me in!

Eyebrows work so hard...

They deserve a raise!

I've got a big forehead

It gives my eyebrows a lot of wiggle room!

What did one eyebrow say to the other?

What's up, brow?

What do you call shopping for new eyebrows?


I told my friend she draws her eyebrows too high

But it went over her head!

What do you call forgetting to pluck your eyebrows?

An oversight!

Why did the eyebrow go to school?

To get a higher education!

Why did the eyebrows break up?

They couldn't see eye to eye!

What is an eyebrow's favourite food?


Where do eyebrows go to study?

At uni-brow!

I told my friend her eyebrows had disappeared

She didn't look surprised!

Why was the eyebrow in trouble at the bank?

It was overdrawn!

Botox used to be controversial...

But now no one raises an eyebrow!

I've restyled my eyebrows

I needed a breath of fresh hair!

I used to dislike my eyebrows...

But they're growing on me!