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Halloween Emoji Quiz!

Can you work out these spooky emoji brainteasers? Take the quiz and test your Halloween knowledge!

Don’t get spooked!

1/10 Halloween emoji quiz

Which classic spooky movie could this be?

2/10 Halloween emoji quiz

Who's this?

3/10 Halloween emoji quiz

What film could this be?

4/10 Halloween emoji quiz

No Halloween is complete without one of these…

5/10 Halloween emoji quiz

There's a knock at the door. What do the kids in fancy dress say?

6/10 Halloween emoji quiz

This is a great book. What is it called?

7/10 Halloween emoji quiz

What on earth could this be?


What sort of beast would this be?

9/10 Halloween emoji witches

What could these Shakespeare witches be chanting?

10/10 Halloween emoji quiz

What could this scary fairground ride be?


Wow! You're a Halloween emoji expert!

Great work! You're some sort of Halloween detective!


Good! Why not have another go? You might get an even bigger score!

Oh no

Oh no! Better luck next time!

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