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Ultimate Halloween Emoji Quiz 2022

Can you work out these 20 horrifying emoji brainteasers? Test your knowledge and take our ultimate Halloween emoji quiz with answers

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 6th 2022

Don't get spooked!

1/20 Halloween emojis including a plus sign, a sunrise, a family and two clapping symbols

What's the name of this famous spooky film and TV series?

2/20 Halloween emojis including a petrol pump, race car, a crown, and a ring

This is a fun Halloween activity. What is it called?

3/20 Halloween emojis including a hotel and a vampire

What's the name of this funny animated movie?

4/20 Halloween emojis including a bug and a box of apple drink

This is a spooky movie you might watch at Halloween. Can you tell us the title using these emojis?

5/20 Halloween emojis including a boy, glasses,  lightning bolt and a magician's wand

This is a character from the Harry Potter films. Can you tell us which one?

6/20 Halloween emoji featuring sweets and a vegetable

This is very popular among trick or treaters, particularly in the USA. What is it called?

7/20 Halloween emojis including a cat, an arrow and a Christmas tree

What spooky movie could this be?

8/20 Halloween emojis with fuel nozzle, pen and pie

This is often eaten in the USA at Halloween (and later in the year too). What is it?

9/20 Halloween emojis with a dog and skull and crossbones

Which Tim Burton film do these emojis represent?

10/20 Halloween emoji with a doctor, a bolt, lightning and a zombie

Which classic Halloween character could this refer to?

11/20 Halloween emoji quiz

Which classic spooky movie could this be?

12/20 Halloween emoji quiz

Who's this?

13/20 Halloween emoji quiz

What film could this be?

14/20 Halloween emoji quiz

No Halloween is complete without one of these...

15/20 Halloween emoji quiz

There's a knock at the door. What do the kids in fancy dress say?

16/20 Halloween emoji quiz

This is a great book. What is it called?

17/20 Halloween emoji quiz

What on earth could this be?


What sort of beast would this be?

19/20 Halloween emoji witches

What could these Shakespeare witches be chanting?

20/20 Halloween emoji quiz

What could this scary fairground ride be?


Wow! You're a Halloween emoji expert!

Great work! You're some sort of Halloween detective!


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Oh no! Better luck next time!