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Halloween History Quiz

DARE you test your history knowledge?

Halloween History Quiz

1/8 Dog in sheet with pumpkin in mouth

Where did Halloween originate?

2/8 Dog in witches hat on grass with pumpkin bucket

What's the name of the ancient Celtic festival that Halloween is based on?

3/8 Pug with Halloween decorations on grass

What do people in Scotland traditionally carve instead of pumpkins?

4/8 Pug in Dracula cape

Why did people originally celebrate Halloween?

5/8 Dog with pumpkins in neckerchief

Which of these is NOT  a Halloween tradition?

6/8 Dog in cape with pumpkins on porch

In Scotland, trick-or-treating is known as 'Guising', but why?

7/8 Dog looking sad with pumpkin

True or false – people in the UK didn't trick-or-treat until the 1970s?

8/8 Dog in witch's hat with broom in mouth in front of trees

Why did women used to throw apple peel over their shoulder on Halloween?

Awesome result thumbnail

Spookily superb! You're a real Halloween history boffin! 

Well done result thumbnail

Well done, you're a big fan of the spookiest day of the year! 

Try again result thumbnail

Not bad, but you can do better! Have another go!

Oh no resul thumbnail

Aargh! What a scary result! You seem like you prefer Christmas to Halloween, because you're totally clueless about it!

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