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What Happy Animal Are You?

Find out which happy animal you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Which Happy Animal Are You?


Choose a happy word


How do you smile?


Choose an exciting day


Choose something cuddly 


Choose something nice to do for someone else


Choose a happy fact


Choose a compliment to give someone


Choose a thing that makes you smile

Happy animal result thumbnail

Happy Panda!

You're a panda! Pandas like the chill life and love nothing more than hanging out with their friends and munching on some bamboo. Aww!

Happy animal result thumbnail

Happy Wombat!

You're a wombat! These cuddly critters are bundles of fun and hang out down under!

Happy animal result thumbnail

Happy Orangutan!

You're an orangutan! Orangutans are super clever and love hanging out in groups! They like nothing more than playing and getting up to mischief together!

Happy animal result thumbnail

Happy Seal!

You're  a seal! Seals are the puppies of the sea - they love splashing around, snuggling up and having a snooze. Cute!