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Happy Birthday, Dennis!

You can't have a celebrate being 10 without a good old sing song... so join us in singing Happy Birthday to Dennis!

Cake? Candles. Is there something we’ve forgotten? Oh yeah, the Happy Birthday song!

But don’t worry, we haven’t really forgotten, we’ve just been practising our notes and gargling with a bit of honey and lemon because we really want to sound good for Dennis’s big day! But then again, have you heard the Din Makers? It’s not like they sound like make a nice sound – it’s like Susan Boyle banging a bread bin with a soup spoon – noisy!

But we’re sure you’ve got a better singing voice than most of us here at the Beano (and we know Dennis would agree!), so why don’t you have a go at singing happy birthday to Dennis yourself? Or, if you prefer, you could get someone to join in with you. Dennis has got Gnasher to help him celebrate, so animals are allowed – as long as they can sing.

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