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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 – Episodes 21-26 Highlights!

Your ultimate guide to episodes 21 to 26 of your favourite show!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  February 19th 2018

Episode 21: The Wrong Man-ace

In this episode, Dennis and the gang are excited about a brand new gangster film, but get caught up in a crime story of their own! When the gang gets picked up by a mysterious limousine, they find out that Dennis has been mistaken for somebody called ‘Mr Big’, a real-life jewel thief.Can Dennis save the day and talk his way out of his own gangster film?Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 22: Red and Black to the Future

After messing about in Professor Von Screwtop's lab, Dennis discovers he's been missing for two weeks and missed the Dinmaker's biggest gig!Dennis, determined not to miss the gig, returns to the lab to try and go back in time – but can he survive the journey, avoid the past version of himself, and make it to rehearsal in time?Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 23: Pig Trouble in Little Beanotown

With the gang showing off tricks at the Beanotown skatepark, Gnasher decides to join in. One crash later, and Dennis’s best pal finds himself stuck in a cone of shame! Now Gnasher can’t bark or bite or barely be a dog!Gnasher's cone makes it impossible for him to sneak into school, so Dennis' pig Rasher takes his place. The gang gets into trouble at school, and Walter tries to capture the pig. Will the gang be able to find kidnapped Rasher and runaway Gnasher before it’s too late?Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 24: I, Clawdia

When Dennis and Gnasher take control of the Beanotown ball pool, Walter and Clawdia decide to take revenge. With a stolen tooth from our favourite Tripehound, Gnasher, things start to go wrong for Dennis and the gang. Clawdia secretly slashes JJ's tires with the tooth, and tricks Gnasher into wrecking the den – even Screwtop's machines point to Gnasher as the culprit!Can Dennis and the gang prove Gnasher's innocence?Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 25: Postcards from the Veg

Pieface thinks Paul isn't looking so good – so Dennis takes him on a potato holiday. With his camera and some costumes, Dennis sends postcards to Pieface from Paul's visit to a sunny beach.Disaster strikes when Paul goes missing for real! Can Dennis rescue Paul from being kidnapped, and bring him safely back to Pieface?Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 26: The Whole Tooth

In this episode, Walter tricks Gnasher into a biting a tough and expensive titanium sausage – it's so tough, that all of Gnasher's teeth fall out! Dennis and JJ butt heads over how to make Gnasher feel better – do they wait for his teeth to grow back, or do they take revenge on Walter?Find out more about this episode here!