Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 - Episode 24: I, Clawdia

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! things get sticky when the gang is pranked by Walter and his cat, Clawdia!

In this episode, things get sticky when the gang is pranked by Walter and his cat, Clawdia! 

When Dennis and Gnasher take control of the Beanotown ball pool, Walter and Clawdia decide to take revenge. With a stolen tooth from our favourite Tripehound, Gnasher, things start to go wrong for Dennis and the gang. Clawdia secretly slashes JJ's tires with the tooth, and tricks Gnasher into wrecking the den - even Screwtop's machines point to Gnasher as the culprit!

Dennis doesn't stop believing that Gnasher is innocent, but can his friends figure out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the tooth?

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Who first controls the ball pool?


 How does Gnasher successfully get into the ball pool?


What evidence suggests that Gnasher broke the tyre?


Which gadget helps Gnasher prove his innocence?


What do they drop on Bertie, Walter, and Clawdia?

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