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Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed Episode 22: Red and Black to the Future

In this episode of Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed, Dennis discovers a time machine!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  February 6th 2018

In this episode, Dennis and Gnasher discover a time machine! 

Dennis and Gnasher are excited about their big gig in Beanotown tonight, and turn on every amp in the den for the loudest sound ever! One power chord later, Dennis and Gnasher wake up on the other side of the room, underneath a smashed set of shelves. Blamtastic!

JJ calls the communicator to let them know they’re late for practice. They swing by Rubi’s place on the way to rehearsal, and go into the Screwtop lab. Inside, there’s no sign of Rubi or the professor, but Dennis catches sight of a shiny metal ball with a clock on top. He grabs its handles and starts to shake, as blue lightning shoots out around him. Dennis has discovered the professor’s time machine!

When Dennis reappears outside the lab, Rubi gives him a big hug and tells him that he’s been gone for 2 whole weeks! Dennis, determined not to miss the big gig, returns to the lab to try and go back in time – but can he survive the journey, avoid the past version of himself, and make it to rehearsal in time?

Episode Trivia!

  • Dennis and Gnasher in front of the speakers
  • Dennis Gnasher and Rubi listen to the Professor in the lab
  • The Professor's boom bang clack
  • Rubi makes a phone call while Dennis causes mischief
  • Dennis and Gnasher hide by the toaster

Time-Travelling Episode Quiz!

1/5 Dennis and Gnasher jump through time

The first time he travels, how far forward did Dennis go?

2/5 Dennis and Gnasher confused

What period of time does Dennis think that he’s travelled back to?

3/5 Dennis and his giant skateboard

How does Dennis get the giant skateboard?

4/5 Dennis read the time machine instructions

What does the written instruction in the time machine manual say?

5/5 Dennis's special guitar pick

Where do the Dinmakers play their gig?

Walter smells!

"Zero? Go back in time and watch the episode again!"

Walter smells!

"Time out! Not quite good enough!"

You can do better!

"Getting better! Maybe it's time to try again though?!"

You can do better!

"Good job! Maybe read the instructions a little closer though"

Earn your stripes!

"Great score! If I didn't know better, I'd say you'd done this before..."

Blam to the max!

"Perfect score! You know what they say; time flies when you're never wrong...right?"