Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Episode 23: Pig Trouble in Little Beanotown

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! the gang trades out a sick Gnasher for a porky Rasher instead!

In this episode, the gang trades out a sick Gnasher for a porky Rasher instead! 

With the gang showing off tricks at the Beanotown skatepark, Gnasher decides to join in. One crash later, and Dennis’s best pal finds himself stuck in a cone of shame! Now Gnasher can’t bark or bite or barely be a dog!

To make matters worse, his cone makes it impossible to sneak into school with Dennis. Gnasher has to stay with Gran for the day, meaning her pet pig Rasher gets to go to class instead. With Dennis’s spare communicator, Gnasher can hear every time the gang laughs, gets up to mischief, and makes a mess – but it just makes him feel left out and miss Dennis even more.

Meanwhile, Rasher gets into trouble at school, and Walter tries to capture her. Will the gang be able to find kidnapped Rasher and runaway Gnasher before it’s too late?

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Who first questions Dennis about bringing a pig to school?


What does Rasher do with the Gang?


Where does Dennis say that Freya is from?


What does Walter use to kidnap Rasher into the limousine?


How does Gnasher stop Bertie from moving?

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