Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 - Episode Guide 26: The Whole Tooth

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Gnasher seeks the tooth, after he loses all of his beautiful gnashers!

In this episode, Gnasher loses his teeth and Dennis doesn't know what to do! 

Rubi tests out her super-sonic-megaphone to try and make the loudest noise Beanotown has ever heard. For scientific purposes, they play a town-wide game of hide-and-seek, and Gnasher has locate the gang by their sound! On his way back to the gang, he interrupts one of Walter's schemes, and breaks a priceless portrait!

Walter seeks revenge, and tricks Gnasher into a biting a tough and expensive titanium sausage - it's so tough, that all of Gnasher's teeth fall out! Dennis and JJ butt heads over how to make Gnasher feel better - do they wait for his teeth to grow back, or do they take revenge on Walter?

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The gang are testing out Rubi's latest (and loudest) gadget!


Pieface doesn't wear ear-protectors, but it gives him superpowers!


Gnasher smashes a portait of Wilbur, Walter's father.


When Gnasher bites the mailman without teeth, it still really hurts!


Sergeant Slipper takes the stolen diamonds back to Beanotown Museum

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