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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 – Episode 21: The Wrong Man-ace

In this episode, Dennis and the gang are excited about a brand new gangster film, but get caught up in a crime story of their own!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  February 5th 2018

In this episode, Dennis and the gang are excited about a brand new gangster film, but get caught up in a crime story of their own! 

When the gang realise they can’t get into the cinema without an adult, Dennis finds a big black hat and fake moustache to wear as a disguise. Walking tall around town, he starts to get funny looks, and free gifts from Beanotown locals who seem to be afraid of him! 

When the gang gets picked up by a mysterious limousine, they find out that Dennis has been mistaken for somebody called ‘Mr Big’, a real-life jewel thief.

Can Dennis save the day and talk his way out of his own gangster film?

Episode Trivia!

  • Who is the real Mister Big?
  • Love them or hate them, it's hard to get rid of fleas!
  • Diamond elves
  • Movie poster in the cinema

The Shiny Shiny Episode Quiz!

1/5 Getting tickets for the film

What’s the name of the gangster-tastic-splatter-fest film that they want to go see?

2/5 Dennis gets free stuff in his costume

What does Dennis not get for free in his costume?

3/5 Gnasher gnoms a free sausage

Who gives Gnasher free sausages?

4/5 The moustache is seriously stuck

What did Dennis use to stick his fake moustache on?

5/5 What was the criminal called

 What was the nickname of the red-headed criminal?

Walter smells!

Zero! You couldn't even steal a free sample!

Walter smells!

Jewel thief? More like picking up pennies from the street.

You can do better!

Getting better! Still, you're more likely to break a priceless vase than nick it!

You can do better!

Good enough! You could get sent to prison without a problem - getting out, on the other hand...

Earn your stripes!

Great score! A mastermind like you could definitely rob a bank. A piggy bank.

Blam to the max!

Perfect score! You could pull off a diamond heist!