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Be Like Buddy - How To Harness Your Inner Elf!

Not sure how Christmas is going to work out this year? You need help from your inner elf - follow these 10 tips to find out how!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 1st 2022

There are a few reasons why this Christmas this year might not feel as Christmassy as other years. But that doesn't mean it can't still be the best ever! What makes a good Christmas isn't the fancy presents, the big trips out or even the food (well, maybe a bit)... Christmas is finding the fun in everyday things and spending time with those around you. So all you have to do to have a better Christmas is look inside to find that Inner Elf. And these top 10 tips are guaranteed to make them show their elfy little face!

1. Have a laugh!

Inner elves love laughing, so this is the most important one... but also maybe the hardest! Luckily there are loads of things that can help you crack a smile. You could ring up your favourite Uncle and swap jokes, put a hat on your dog, read a funny story or even learn some funny facts. Like did you know wombat poo is cube shaped? Or that when Uranus was discovered they named it George, and renamed it later? And if you're REALLY stuck, we've got thousands and thousands of jokes you can check out on our main jokes page. Once you're in the right mood, you'll find that lots of things are actually very funny!

2. Make some decorations

Making your own Christmassy decorations is a guaranteed way to get you feeling festive. And don't worry - these don't need to be boring angels! In fact, they could be anything you like! You could make versions of your favourite Beano or movie characters out of cardboard, or even funny versions of your family. One easy and very cheap thing to make is salt dough decorations - look up a recipe with an adult, but all you need is salt, flour and water. You can make loads of cool things out of it!

3. Pull a prank on someone!

OK, your inner elf loves this one! You could try laying a trap for Father Christmas, individually wrapping up all your dad's socks, or even saving random heavy metal songs in your mum's Christmas playlist! Be creative and always remember the Golden Rule of Pranking - everyone has to find it funny and never take it too far or upset anyone!

4. Do something traditional...ish

Old fashioned Christmas traditions have stuck around for a reason - they get people in the festive spirit! But they don't need to be boring, because there are lots of weird old traditions that might surprise you. Take the Catalan tradition of making a Caga Tió (or Xmas Poop Log) for example. It's basically a bit of wood with a painted face! You feed it leftover food in the run up to Christmas, and then beat it up with sticks on Christmas day until it "poops out" sweets! There's even a song you can sing that goes:

Caga tió, (Poop log)
tió de Nadal, (Log of Christmas)
no caguis arengades (Don't poop salted herring)
que són massa salads (They are too salty)
caga torrons (Poop turróns)
que són més bons! (They are much better!)

5. Do something new

If those old traditions are too weird for you (and the poop log is pretty weird) then start your own Christmas tradition! Maybe you and your family can decide to watch a film or play a board game every year from now on. Or maybe you want to be more inventive, and dress your aunt up as the Tinsel Moose and chase her round the park. Remember - there are no rules! You just have to do what your inner elf says!

6. Make cards for your friends and family

This is a fun one, and exactly what you're inner elf ordered! Making cards is easy, you just need a bit of paper or card and your pencil case. You can draw a Christmassey scene with lots of glitter and bright colours, or even make a collage! Have a think and see how you can personalise each card for the person you're going to give it to. Oh, and remember to ask for help if you're going to use scissors or make a mess!

7. Watch a Xmas movie

This is a good way to get in the Christmas spirit if it's raining outside and you've used up all the other ideas. We recommend Elf (obviously - Buddy is basically eveyone's inner elf anyway) - but there are loads of other great Christmas movies, from new releases to old classics. Maybe you could ask your family what their favourite Christmas movies are, and watch them together!

8. Go out exploring!

Of course, going out in the snow is THE BEST Christmas activity ever. But the weather doesn't always feel as Christmassy as we do! But no matter if it's rainy, foggy, or weirdly warm, there are lots of things you can do to have fun in the big outdoors. It's hard to beat a family walk for wholesome Christmas fun, but you can build winter dens or even slide down hills in thick plastic bags! No snow required!

9. Make your own snowglobes

There are loads of fun Christmassy arts and craft projects you can try, but this is one of our favourites! Get an old jar and glue a figure or plasticine model to the inside of the lid. Then fill the jar with water and glitter, screw it back together and there you have it! Your own DIY snowlglobe! You can make this even better by adding extra things to fly around inside the jar when you shake it, or by personalising the model. We're sure you'll come up with a great idea!

10. Write a letter to Father Christmas

Grab your pens and paper and write a letter to Father Christmas! It's a fun way to write down how you're feeling about Christmas, and maybe it'll help him get you the right present! You can send your letter to:

Father Christmas
Santa's Grotto

Make sure you post it by 9th December if you want a reply, but the best thing is you don't even really need to post it! He's Father Christmas after all so there are other ways to let him know. You can read it out in your head whilst thinking of Christmas, or soak it in a glass of milk. And he's fluent in lots of languages (and secret codes) so make your letter as interesting as you can!