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Harry Maguire and the Football Trivia Quiz!

How much do you know about this Manchester United and England football star? Test your trivia with this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 16th 2022

Here at Beano HQ, we're big fans of England and Manchester United defender Harry Maguire. And we're reckon that you must be too, because you're about to take a quiz about this football star's life and career! So, are you a Harry Maguire super fan? Then prove it by taking this test!

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1/10 Harry Maguire in an England shirt

What is Harry Maguire's full name?

2/10 A trophy being held aloft on a rainy day

Harry was born in 1993. Who won the Premier League that year?

3/10 Harry Maguire in a Manchester United shirt

Which of the following clubs has Harry NOT played for?

4/10 Manchester United badge

In which year did he sign for Manchester United?

5/10 England football badge

When he made his England debut in 2017, which team did he play against?

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6/10 Harry Maguire scored his first international goal against which side?

7/10 Harry Maguire red shirt and number

What number shirt does he wear for Manchester United?

8/10 A pile of Beanos

If a Beano is 1cm high, how tall is Harry Maguire in comics?

9/10 Football tactics board

What position does he play?

10/10 Harry Maguire in FIFA 23
EA Sports

What is Harry's overall FIFA rating?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! What happened there? A bit of an own goal. Not to worry, you can always have another go and try to get a better score!

Result: Good try

Good try! Some tricky questions in the trivia mix, but you got a decent score. Not the result you wanted? Why not have another go?

Result: Great work

Great work! You know loads about Harry Maguire and have clearly been paying close attention to his career at Manchester United and at England too!

Result: Wow

Wow! With a score like this, you're the world's biggest Harry Maguire fan or Harry Maguire himself. Excellent stuff!