Head2Head XL: Beanotown Mums vs Beanotown Dads

It's time for Beanotown's parents to go head to head! Have your say in who you think is simply the best - magic mums or dynamite dads?

Last week, you chose a parental Head2Head: Mums versus Dads!

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Last Week's results: Dangerous Dan vs Tricky Dicky
Head2Head - Mums v Dads

Who has the coolest hideout?

Head2Head: Mums v Dads - Minnie

Who is more annoying?

Head2Head: Mums v Dads

What's easier to ignore?

Head2Head: Mums v Dads

Who knows more Beanotown secrets?

Head2Head: Mums v Dads

Who is the strictest?

Head2Head: Mums v Dads

Which parent has to deal with a bigger trail of trouble?

Head2Head: Mums v Dads

Who has a harder time trying to get some peace and quiet?

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