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How To Help Others Quiz!

It's always a good thing to help out a friend when they need it most – and will make you feel great too! But how helpful are you? This quiz will decide whether you're a bit of a dodger or not!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 30th 2024

Beano have joined forces with the awesome kids’ mental health charity Place2Be to help support the mental health and wellbeing of children across the UK. This quiz will see how well you adapt to various situations, and when to be helpful and give your mates a hand if they're struggling.

Good luck! And once you've completed this quiz, why not check out the Be Kind To Your Mind page for lots more tips and advice?

1/10 Plug waving his arms around

There's a new child in class. What do you do to make them feel included?

2/10 Bash Street Kids twins

You spot a scrap in the playground. What's the best way to help?

3/10 Dennis and Mrs. Creecher

One of your friends needs to talk to a teacher, but they're a little shy. What can do you to help your friend?

4/10 Olive Dinnerladies

You've just had a delicious lunch. What do you do next?

5/10 Toots with maths paper ground

One of your friends isn't quite themselves in the playground. What can you do to help?

6/10 Bash Street Football Club

You're about to have an epic game of football and notice someone from your class standing alone. What do you think you should do?

7/10 Minnie and a bolt of lightning

It's a rainy day and your class is having a break indoors – but the class is a mess. How do you spend your free time?

8/10 Dennis on a blue and white splatter background

It's a windy day and your elderly next door neighbour needs some milk. What could you do to help them out?

9/10 JJ in a field

It's time for some sports and you need to pick a partner to run a race with. Who should you pick?

10/10 Minnie and a desk catapult

You've done your homework and your friend calls you to say they're struggling to finish it. How can you help?

Result: Oh dear

Oh dear! This is the sort of score Roger the Dodger would get if he took this quiz. We're pretty sure you're excellent when it comes to helping others, but devote lots of energy to get out doing pretty much everything!

Result: Quite helpful

As your results show, you're not afraid to step in and make someone's day easier. But it seems that your secret agent work might be getting in the way of helping others more often!

Result: So helpful

You enjoy assisting people when they're in need of a helping hand. They feel good, you feel good. It's a win-win!

Result: Super helper

If there was an award for being super helpful, you'd have a shiny trophy (which someone would need to hold because you'd be too busy helping someone at the time). It feels great to help people, doesn't it?