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Horrible Histories – Grossest Facts!

Some of the most disgusting facts from the hit CBBC series!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  November 9th 2016

Death by cow pat

Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus suffered from an illness that made his body swell up with water. He tried to sweat it off by burying himself in a pile of animal poo, but stayed in too long and died of overheating. #bleurgh

The court farter

King Henry II’s favourite Christmas entertainment was a jester called Roland le Farter, whose show was mostly (you guessed it) farting.

Egyptian hair treatments

The ancient Egyptians thought they could cure baldness by rubbing fat from hippos, crocodiles, cats and snakes on their heads. Their cure for grey hair was made out of rotten donkey liver. I think I’d rather go bald. 

Ancient medicine

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek 'father of medicine' used to diagnose his patients by drinking their wee and taste-testing their ear wax and snot

Roman whoopee!

The Roman Emperor Elagabalus was a famous prankster. When he wasn’t setting dangerous animals on people for a laugh, he was inventing practical jokes – including an early version of the Whoopie cushion! 

Inca bling

The Incas used to make jewellery out of llama toenail clippings

Eggy gold?

Back when alchemy was popular in the Middle Ages, some people believed you could make gold by mixing horse poo with rotten eggs and vinegar

Roman mouthwash? No thanks.

Romans used to keep their breath fresh by gargling wee. You know, like mouthwash. YUCK.