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25 Question How Big a Star Wars Fan Are You Quiz?

Are you a Star Wars super fan or not? Find out with this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  May 15th 2023

May the answers be with you!

1/25 Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace

What's the name of this young boy in The Phantom Menace?

2/25 Attack of the Clones

This Jedi appears in Attack of the Clones. What's his name?

3/25 Revenge of the Sith

In Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, which villain does this character transform into?

4/25 Luke Skywalker

In Star Wars IV: A New Hope, which planet does Luke Skywalker live on?


What is the name of Han Solo's spaceship?

6/25 A Wookiee lookalike and a mirror ball which looks like the Death Star

What is the name of this fur ball?

7/25 Princess Leia

Which planet is Princess Leia from?

8/25 The Galactic Empire's huge spherical space station

That's no moon. But what is the name of the Galactic Empire's huge spherical space station?

9/25 Luke Skywalker

What is the callsign of the X-Wing fighter that Luke Skywalker flies?

10/25 A Star Wars character in a snowy environment

What is the name of the snowy planet The Empire Strikes Back?

11/25 Yoda on his swampy planet

Where does Yoda live?

12/25 Greedo and Han Solo

Who betrays Han Solo in Cloud City?

13/25 A bounty hunter

What is the name of the bounty hunter who captures Han Solo?

14/25 Characters from Star Wars

In Return Of The Jedi, what is the name of the gigantic slug-like beast who keeps Han Solo prisoner?

15/25 Endor creature from Star Wars

What are the bear-like animals who live on Endor?

16/25 Emperor Palpatine

Leia reveals to Han who her brother is. What's his name?

17/25 Star Wars characters on the beach

Who wins the epic lightsaber battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader?

18/25 Stormtroopers in Star Wars

In The Force Awakens, what is Finn's real name?

19/25 Characters from The Force Awakens

What's the name of this formidable duo in The Force Awakens?

20/25 A planet

What planet does Rey come from?

21/25 Jyn Erso

Which Star Wars film does Jyn Erso appear in?

22/25 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we were introduced to this blind martial arts expert. Name him.

23/25 The Last Jedi

What is the name of the Supreme Leader in The Last Jedi?

24/25 A Porg

What is a baby Porg called?

25/25 Luke in The Last Jedi

Which planet does Luke Skywalker live on in The Last Jedi?

You don't even like Star Wars! The force is clearly not strong in your answers. Have another go... or not.

Luke Skywalker

You're an average-ly good Star Wars fan! Why not watch allΒ of the Star Wars films and have another go. May the force be with you.


You're a massive Star Wars fan! Look, even BB-8 gives your great score a thumbs up. Sort of.

The Last Jedi

You're a SUPER FAN! The force is clearly with you, especially when it comes to answering Star Wars questions. Well done!