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How Halloween Are You?

Find out how Halloween you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein | TriStar | Francis Ford Coppola, James V. Hart, John Veitch | Kenneth Branagh

Who's this?

Young Frankenstein | 20th Century Fox | Michael Gruskoff | Mel Brooks

And who created him?


And who wrote the book?


What happens when this appears?


5/7 And how do you get rid of one?


Who's pet is usually this?


What's on the menu for this guy?

You about as Halloween as a My Little Pony! No disrespect to Apple Jack and his friends, I love those guys. it's just that they're the opposite of scary.

You're quite scary. I'm not saying you look like Frankenstein just that I wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alleyway!

You are quite simply terrifying. Your expert knowledge of halloween can only mean one thing. YOU ARE PURE EVIL!!! Mwahaha!