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How to Be the BEST Witch!

Mildred Hubble does a pretty good job of being the WORST witch, but how do you be the BEST witch? Well, here are some spellbinding steps to becoming a number one crone!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 11th 2017

Wear a REALLY pointy hat

No witch is complete without a pointy hat - so make yours the pointiest!

Get a pet panther

You'll need a black cat to hang out with after all

Fly around on a vacuum cleaner

Upgrade from a boring old broom - turbo style!

Be really great at complicated spells

(You can cheat this one by using spell-check!)

Make potions in a volcano

Much better than some dusty old cauldron

Be wicked!

Cause as much magical mayhem as possible and you'll soon be the best witch ever!!