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Funny Dancing – A How To Guide

Want to do a silly jig? Spoiler alert: it's easy!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

So, you want to do a funny dance, eh? The good news is you already know how. There's no right or wrong way to do it, it just kind of happens sometimes. Still confused? So are we!

Step 1 - What dance?

First things first, you need to work out what kind of dance you want to do. Are you prancing, wiggling, or whirling? Are you dancing with someone else? How cheesy are your moves? Remember, some of the funniest dances are pretty simple!

Step 2 - Pick some music

You can dance to anything! Your favourite pop song, some old band your dad likes, or just the sound of pots and pans being rolled down a hill in a bin.  Top tip: try dancing in a silly way to serious music, or in a serious way to silly music.

Step 3 - Feet and legs

This is an important step. You can click your toes together, stamp your feet or just jump up and down. Try some moves out in a mirror and see what looks good... Or what DOESN'T look good - that also works!

@lansingignite | giphy

Step 4 - Hands and Arms

Next up is the top half of your body. You've got a few options here... go for something complicated or just flap your arms about wildly! The choice is yours!

Step 5 - Dress up!

Sure you could dance in your normal clothes... or you could wear a costume! As well as making your dance MUCH funnier, it'll also protect you if you fall over during your third reverse double-head spin.

Step 6 - Give it a name

Once you've practised your new dance, you need to name it. The floss, cha-cha and tango are all taken, but there are plenty of other silly words out there. Right, let's dance the furgle! Or the boofum? The poot scoot? Never mind.

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