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How to Do Spooky Halloween Fortnite Make-up

Oh no! It's almost Halloween and you've not got a costume! Don't panic, watch Cassie show you how to paint your face like a Skull Trooper

Here’s the run down to follow so, like Cassie, your can turn your very own Emma into a Spoopy Skull Trooper for Halloween!

Step 1: Draw some ‘orrible outlines!

Use a cool facepaint crayon to sketch the main parts out. You are an artist and the face is your canvas!

Step 2: Creepily colour the white bits white

You’ll have to do a few layers to make it show up!

Step 3: Frightfully fill in the black

Get those eye sockets, nose a cheeks looking terrifying

Step 4: Draw the terrifying teeth!

Get that crayon out again!

Step 5: Add some graveyard grey!

You can use grey face-paint or just lightly use some black and blend it in with your spooky fingers

Step 6: Go a-spooking!

Complete the look with a horrifying hoodie and go scare some folks in your hood!