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How To Make Yourself Happy!

Say goodbye to grumpiness with these 20 epic cheer-up tips!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Happiness is a weird thing. One minute it's nowhere to be found, the next minute it's honking a bicycle horn in your face and telling fart jokes.

There's no one way to be happy - and nobody is happy all the time - but here are a few top tips to help you stay chipper, whatever else is going on in the world!

1. Pat a dog

If you can find a dog nearby, give it a nice pat on the head. This is pretty much certain to make both you and the dog a little bit happier - so everyone wins!

2. Look at a picture of a dog

If you can't find a dog to pat, the next best thing is to look at a picture of one and imagine patting it. Here's one you can try out right now. Feel anything yet?

3. Let yourself be a bit sad sometimes

Nobody's happy ALL the time, not even clowns (in fact, especially not clowns). If something rubbish has happened or you're feeling a bit blue, let yourself feel those sad feelings and don't force yourself to smile when you don't want to. Then when you're ready, you can get back to being happy again!

4. Talk about something you like

Think about the good things you've got in your life, and talk about them with a friend or family member. Maybe you've seen a funny video or discovered a cool new game? Or maybe you did something well at school, or learnt how to make bouncy balls out of rubber bands. Show off about it!

5. Talk about something you DON'T like

Lockdown getting you down? Miss your mates? Have a moan about it! Most people will agree with you, and even if they can't help, sometimes it feels good to complain!

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6. Tell a joke

I just bought a pen that can write underwater. It writes other words too but that's my favourite! Heh. And if you need more jokes, we have LOOOOOADS right here!

7. Make a funny noise

Try and find something around the house you can twang, slurp, whistle, squeak, honk or pop. If you can't find anything, just use your mouth! It might sound like a daft suggestion - but give it a go!

8. Listen to some music

This could be your favourite pop star, something you've never heard before, or something you haven't heard for ages. Even sad songs can make you feel happy sometimes! And silly songs definitely do!

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9. Draw something

Draw or paint something - anything! Even some kind of terrifying human-goose mutant. 

10. Make something

Not much of an artist? Well you could try making something instead - like an awesome paper aeroplane, a hilarious prank or even a new musical instrument. We've got plenty of guides on hacks, makes and tips right here! *Unfortunately we don't have one for a flying machine. Yet.

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11. Call someone you've not spoken to for ages

Have you got an old friend you've not spoken to for a while? Or your long-lost cousin who lives in the Congo? Give them a ring and see what they're up to!

12. Eat a delicious snack

That's it. That's the tip. Mmmm.

13. Learn something new

Not sure where Kazakhstan is? No idea how to say "oops" in German? Can't remember if it was the Aztecs or the Ancient Chinese who invented yo-yos? Well it's about time you found out! Learning new things is a great way to cheer yourself up, and gives you loads more cool facts to show off about at school.

14. Get a good night's sleep

This might sound boring - but going to bed a bit earlier can help a lot with your mood. Snooze yourself happy!

15. Go offline

This also helps with getting a good night's sleep! Looking at screens before bed is proven to keep you up for longer, and reading stuff online can also make you worried and stressed. Try reading a book instead! 

16. Be nice to other people!

Smiling and making other people feel good isn't just a nice thing to do - it can make you feel good too! Awww yis

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17. Start a fun (but useless) hobby

Find a new hobby that is ONLY fun. So no extra homework here - we're talking something really silly, like carving tiny cats out of soap or making Roman mosaics out belly-button fluff. 

18. Decorate your room

A new look at things can help you break through the grumpiness and get you excited about everyday things again. Give it a go! This doesn't need to be a big makeover, you could just put some new posters up. But if you did decide to turn your room into a giant fish tank it probably wouldn't hurt!

19. Go for a run about

If you can, go to a local park or just do something in the back garden. Having a kick about or playing with a frisbee is a great way to lift your mood. Even better, see if you can invent a new game! 

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20. Talk to an adult!

These are weird times, and everyone is stressed out - so don't worry about getting everything right. Go easy on yourself! And remember, if you're really worried about something, talk to an adult!