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How Well Do You Know Harry Potter? Quiz

Find out how much you know about the wizarding world of Harry Potter with this quick-fire quiz! (House elves not included)

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 29th 2022

Everyone knows Harry Potter. But do they? Hmm? Only a real Potterhead can get 10/10 on this quick 10 question quiz!

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The 4th Harry Potter book is called The Goblet of... what?


Which of these is NOT a real type of broom in Harry Potter?


What is Dobby's favourite item of clothing?


Name that toad!


What is Ron's patronus?

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Horace... who?


Who gave Hedwig to Harry?


Which of these is NOT a real member of the Weasley family?


What does Rita Skeeter call Hermione?


What is a howler?

Meep! More of a Lord of the Rings fan? Never mind. Try another quiz!

Pretty good! You can do better though - have another go?

Good work! You know loads about the wizarding world! Can you beat this score on another Harry Potter quiz?

Amazing! You know more about Harry Potter than... Harry Potter does! Excellent work!