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Hulk Jokes

These funny Hulk jokes are simply smashing! Check out the best Hulk jokes around and have a good giggle!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  March 1st 2022

We think these Hulk jokes are absolutely smashing! They're sure to pack a punch! And if you liked these, have a looked at our marvellous Marvel Jokes! Or how about these super Captain America Jokes! And for loads more lols, head to our main Jokes Page!

How does Hulk look in a suit?


What happened when Hulk, Thor and Iron Man went to Ikea?

Avengers Assembled!

Why is the Hulk so good at advertising?

He's a huge banner!

What do you call an injured Hulk?

A Bruised Banner!

How do you know if the Hulk is jealous?

He's green with envy!

What do you call green potatoes?

Hulk's Mash!

Who does the Hulk turn into if he hasn't shaved in a few days?

Mark Scruffalo!

What's the Hulk's favourite tube station?

Turnham Green!

What do you call the Hulk when he's wearing Captain America's suit?

The Star-Spangled Banner!

Hoe does the Hulk make money?

He flips houses!

What's big, green, and doesn't come out in the wash?

The indelible Hulk!

What's big, green and trustworthy?

The Credible Hulk!

Why shouldn't you buy Hulk t-shirts?

They're a rip off!

What does the Hulk wear to bed?


Why doesn't Hulk's trousers rip when he transforms?

The science experiments altered his jeans!

What does the Hulk call his grandmother?


How does the Hulk go food shopping?

He buys in bulk!

What's green, miserable and sits in a corner?

The Incredible Sulk!

Have you heard about the new Hulk fashion line?

It's all the rage!

Why does the Hulk always recycle?

He likes to go green!