Is Your Dad a Menace?

Is your father figure a mega-minx? A dodge dad? A silly Smiffy? Or is he just like Dennis?

Which Beano Dad is most like your own?

You want to give your dad the BEST Father's Day ever, but you can only give him one gift. What do you get him?

Dennis and his try out catapults

Your Dad discovers you're planning an epic water balloon ambush for your mum. What does he do?

Epic Water Balloon arsenal

It's Sunday afternoon and you're trying not to think about all the homework that you've forgotten to do. When you ask your dad for help...

Roger's Dad gets bribed with cake to write a sneaky note

It's Friday and time for a takeaway, but Mum isn't due back for a couple of hours - what does your dad do?

Dennis and his dad chow down on snacks

How does your dad cope with new technology?

Minnie's Dad has some cutting edge equipment!

What is your dad's secret So Beano skill?

Roger's Dad knows how to ride (kind of!)

What is your dad's favourite place to nap?

Does your dad nap in bed? On the couch? Everywhere?
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