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10 Freaky Facts You Need To Know About Pancakes

Do you flip 'em or flop 'em? Whatever your style, we bet there's a lot you didn't know about our favourite, flattest food!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  February 13th 2018

1. Old pancakes

The first pancakes were invented by the Romans - almost 2000 years ago!

2. Milky pancake

In Britain, we eat enough pancakes on Shrove Tuesday to fill 93 Olympic-size swimming pools!

3. Highest flip

Do you like to toss your pancakes? Well, the highest ever flip was a whopping 329cm high - and that would take some serious beating!

4. Most flips

And the most ever flips with a pancake stands at an impressive 349 in 2 minutes. That’s flipping amazing!

5. Biggest pancake

The world’s biggest ever pancake measured 15 metres and weighed an amazing 3 tonnes. You’d need to be very hungry to eat that!

6. Most pancakes eaten in one sitting

Andrei Smirnov from Russia holds the record for eating the most pancakes. He managed to munch 73 in just one hour!

7. Most pancakes served

The record for the most pancakes served is an astounding 34,818 in 8 hours. Talk about hard work!

8. Most expensive pancake

The most expensive pancake in the world would cost you more than £1000, mainly because it’s made with gold - but that just doesn’t sound very tasty to us!

9. Fastest pancakes

If you think eating pancakes is unhealthy, then why not enter a pancake race? In fact, the town if Olney in the UK has been holding a pancake race for over 500 years, so it's never to late to join the fun.

10. Grossest pancake

And finally, in Sweden they serve a pancake called Blodplättar made with pig blood! Think we’ll stick to sugar and lemon!