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10 Question Jelle Van Vucht Quiz

How much do you know about everyone's favourite YouTuber, Jelly? Take our epic 10 question quiz and find out just how much of a fan you really are! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 16th 2022

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1/10 Windmills, tulips, mouse and question mark

Where is Jelle from?

2/10 Green jelly on white background with goofy face

What platform is he big on?

3/10 Jelly gaming
Jelly | YouTube

How many followers does he have?

4/10 Jelly
Jelly | YouTube

What sort of content does he make?

5/10 Jelly looking excited
YouTubers Sing | YouTube

What's his star sign?

6/10 Jelly on his channel
Jelly | YouTube

What year did he start making videos?

7/10 Jelly roblox screenshot
Jelly | YouTube, Roblox | Roblox Corp.

What's the name of his most viewed video?

8/10 Jelly and his girlfriend
Jelly | YouTube

What is his girlfriend called?

9/10 Jelly's channel screenshot
Jelly | YouTube

What gaming group is he part of?

10/10 Jelly and a relative
Jelly | YouTube

True of false: he has a brother?

Awesome result
Jelly | YouTube

Awesome! You must be Jelly's biggest fan!

Well done result
Jelly | YouTube

Well done! You must love Jelly and his stuff, cos you know a lot about him!

Try again
Jelly | YouTube

Well, you know a little bit about Jelly and his life, but you can do better, have another go!

Fail result
Jelly | YouTube

Oh no! Looks like you might be thinking of jelly, the food? Have another try, we know you can score higher!