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The Ultimate Jelly Quiz! | YouTube

Test your Jelly know-how in this quiz about the awesome Youtuber!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  September 26th 2022

The Ultimate Jelly Quiz

1/10 Jelly's Youtube
Jelly | Youtube

How many subscribers does Jelly have?

2/10 Jelly's Gameplay
Jelly | Youtube

What sort of things does Jelly do?

3/10 Jelly
Jelly | Youtube

Where is Jelly from?

4/10 Jelly Gameplay
Jelly | Youtube

What is Jelly's real name?

5/10 Jelly's Youtube
Jelly | Youtube

Which group of Youtubers is Jelly part of?

6/10 Jelly and his girlfriend
Jelly | Youtube

Which Youtuber is Jelly's girlfriend?

7/10 Jelly and his brother
Jelly | Youtube

What is Jelly's logo?

8/10 Jelly's devil logo
Jelly | Youtube

What is Jelly famous for doing?

9/10 Jelly thumbnail
Jelly | Youtube

What is Jelly's second channel called?

10/10 Jelly
Jelly | Youtube

How many total views has Jelly had?

Amazing thumbnail

Wow! You'reΒ  a Jelly superfan! You've probably watched most of his videos and you know all his codes and cheats in video games!

Well done thumbnail

Well done, you clearly love Jelly! He's obviously your favourite youtuber, very impressive!

Try again thumbnail

Not bad, but you're not Jelly's number one fan! See if you can score any higher by re-taking the quiz!

Oh no thumbnail

Oh no, you're not much of a Jelly fan at all! Maybe you were thinking of Jelly, the wobbly food? Try again!