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Which The Rice Artist Video Should You Watch?

Not sure which video from the Rice Artist you should watch? Don't worry - take this quiz and we'll tell you exactly which one is perfect for you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 31st 2024

He's an internet legend for making complicated pictures out of rice and then... throwing them up in the air! The videos are amazing, 3d art pieces that last a second and are then scattered all over the floor. They're worth it though! You might know about the Rice Artist, but if you haven't seen his videos we're here to help. Answer these 10 questions and we'll tell you exactly which video you should get started with!

Ready? Let's go!

1/10 A mushroom risotto (and a chicken)

What's your favourite rice dish?

2/10 A chef

When you're not on Tiktok watching art videos, what are you doing?

3/10 Some weird modern art

What's your favourite kind of art?

4/10 Cheung Fun and sauces

Pick another rice dish:

5/10 A paint palette

Pick a colour:

Pokemon | Pokemon Corporation

If you were going to make some rice art, what would you do?

7/10 Some laughing pasta in space

Oh no! There's no rice left! What else could make art from?

@thericeartist | Tiktok

What do you think of this rice Pudsey?

9/10 Someone eating rice with chopsticks

How do you eat rice?

@thericeartist | Tiktok

Pick a soundtrack to a rice video:

@thericeartist | Tiktok

You should watch Sonic!

You're a fan of classic gaming, and love the Rice Artist's character pieces. This is a great video to watch, and one of his more complicated ones! Nice choice! If this isn't the one you wanted to watch though don't worry - you can watch more! They're all pretty short! Take a different quiz if you want some more cool suggestions!

@thericeartist | Tiktok

You should watch Olaf!

This is great video to watch if you love Disney! This cheeky Olaf portrait is made out of thousands of grains of rice, and really comes to life when it's chucked up in the air! Not the video you had in mind? No problem - just take this quiz again!

@thericeartist | Tiktok

You watch the Spongebob video!

This is another of his amazing cartoon character portraits - and is probably his most complicated one yet! The more rice grains he uses, the riskier it gets - and this one could have gone badly! Luckily though, the Rice Artists' chucking skills means this is the perfect rice Spongebob! Not the one you were after? Take this quiz again!

@thericeartist | Tiktok

You should watch the Among Us video!

This is another great rice portrait - this time of the characters from Among Us! This one is perfect for gaming fans, or for people who just like seeing rice pictures thrown up in the air! Super satisfying! Not the video you wanted to watch? Take this quiz again!