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Awesomely Alex Wassabi Quiz

Alex Wassabi is one of the premiere YouTubers out there - are you the expert?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 20th 2024

If you think you’ve got all of the facts when it comes to Alex Wassabi then you better jump on into this quiz and see if you can get them all right! There’s a lot of videos to get through and a whole load of questions to answer, so let’s see how you do!


Where is Alex from?


What kind of dog is Alex famous for?


For an extra point, what is his dog’s name?


What platform did he get big on?


What is his favourite bit of stationary?


What kind of videos does Alex mostly do?


Alex is American, but where else is his family from?

8/10 A dog standing in front of a backdrop of numbers

How many sisters does he have?


How about brothers?


If you answered The Philippines to question 7, well done! But what is the capital city?

Alex Wassabi | YouTube

Oh dear me… This isn’t looking too great, maybe you need to head back to Alex’s page and do a little bit more research? Thankfully for you, all the info is out there you just need to dive a little deeper! So what are you waiting for, check out some of his videos and come back - maybe you’ll ace it?!

Alex Wassabi | YouTube

Pow! Alright, not too shabby! You’ve got a decent grasp of Alex and his many many videos! But have you done well enough to claim the title of Wassabi expert? Maybe not! So why not have another go and see if you can score higher?! Don’t worry, we’ll be waiting! So why are you still here?! Of course we’ve got loads of other facts and quizzes which you could try too?

Alex Wassabi | YouTube

Nice! Pretty awesome work! You know pretty much everything that’s worth knowing about Alex and you’re not afraid to show off about it! Great work! But if you’re the kind of person that won’t settle for 2nd place, then there is still a chance for you to get 100% on this quiz. So let’s give it one more try and see if you can get every question right!

Alex Wassabi | YouTube

There it is! Epic work! You’ve scored full marks on this quiz! Nobody else can say that they’ve got as much of a Wassabi brain as you do! You’re top of the pile and top of the leaderboard - congrats! But what's next now you’ve nailed this quiz? Where do you go from here? More quizzing probably?! So let’s get into it - take your pick and soar into the clouds you quiz legend!