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Which Harper Zilmer Video Should You Watch?

Harper makes content - a lot of it - so where should you start?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 7th 2024

With so many videos that all look kinda the same, it’s important to know you're not wasting your time watching the wrong one for you! So why not take this quiz and we’ll tell you exactly which of Harper’s clips are right for you! So what are you waiting for! Let’s gooo!

1/10 A burst of colour

What is your favourite colour?

2/10 A man waking up late and checking his alarm clock

You’re late for school, what do you do?

3/10 A big pair of clown shoes

You’ve got your foot stuck in an old wellington boot - how do you get it out?


You’re lost in the woods, how do you get home?


What is your favourite drink?

6/10 A person trying to keep warm in a cold house

It’s really cold, what do you wear to keep warm?


Your friend has broken your phone, what do you do?


What time do you wake up in the morning?


What is your favourite animal?


What time of the year is your favourite?

Harper Zilmer | YouTube

Queen B!

Big cars, driving round in circles, boxing gloves - what’s not to love! Harper’s video for Queen is one of the wildest things out there, and for someone like you that loves a bit of drama, it’s exactly up your street! Give it a watch if you haven’t already!

Harper Zilmer | YouTube

One Chip Challenge

It’s a classic video, but based on your results you’re the kind of person that likes to see how people handle the spice! So head over to Harper’s shorts and see for yourself if Harper can take the one chip challenge and live to see another day!

Harper Zilmer | YouTube

100 Dares in 24 hours!

Nice! You’re the kind of person that likes to move at speed, just like Harper! So this video is right up your street! Why not check it out and see how Harper and her friends get on with this ridiculous effort! Will they manage it?! Find out for yourself!

Something totally different!

Alright! So you might have taken this quiz to find the best Harper videos for you, but based on your answers it looks like you should probably spend your time watching something completely different! You’ve got a curious mind, so why not check out some of the amazing nature and science documentaries out there? Why not have a look at a video about anemones, these amazing creatures are super important and just as funny when you look at them wiggle around! There’s nothing wilder than the natural world after all!