Check Out These LEGO Pets!

They're easier to look after and will never eat your homework... maybe you should try a LEGO pet

JEKCA is a company in Hong Kong that makes amazing LEGO animal kits. So if you've ever fancied building your own pet,  well now you can!

Build a St Bernard

This doggo is made out of 980 bricks! Who's a good boy.

Image by Jekca

Brick Bulldog

They've even managed to keep the grumpy expression. That's real craftsmanship.

Image by Jekca

For the more ambitious builders...

Check out the wrinkly Shar Pei!

Image by Jekca

Not a dog person?

What about this fluffy Persian cat (it might not feel as fluffy as a real Persian Cat)

Image by Jekca

This giant tabby

This massive moggy is made out of 1700 bricks!

Image by Jekca

But it's not just cats and dogs

For those of you who've always wanted to live on a farm, check out this plastic porker!

Image by Jekca

For a smaller, less smelly pet...

This rabbit might be a good choice

Image by Jekca

Now, you probably won't ever have a camel as a pet

And that is a huge shame. But this massive LEGO camel is the next best thing, and much easier to look after. It's less useful if you ever find yourself lost in a desert, but that's the price you pay for convenience! 

Image by Jekca

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