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Lightning Mcqueen Jokes

These Lightning McQueen jokes will have you laughing at record speed! Check out these punny funnies all about cars and see which one makes you laugh the most!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  April 16th 2022

You'll race through these hilarious Lightning McQueen jokes! Take a look and have a giggle! And if you liked these, check out our Olaf jokes for more Disney fun! Or how about these F1 jokes for more car lols? We've also got Nemo jokes for more Pixar puns! And as always, there's even more over on our jokes page!

Why did Lightning McQueen close his eyes?

The traffic lights were changing!

What's Lightning McQueen's mum called?


What happens when you cross Lightning McQueen with a spud?

Crashed potatoes!

What is Lightning McQueen's favourite meal?


What does Lightning MacQueen say when he leaves his friend?

See you Mater!

What happens if you stand behind Lightning McQueen?

You get exhausted!

Why did Lightning take a break?

He was tired!

Lightning McQueen couldn't figure out where his seatbelt was...

Then it clicked!

What sort of nap does Lightning take?

A Ford Siesta!

What does Lightning McQueen feed his cat?

Cat chow!

When is Lightning not Lightning?

When he turns into a driveway!

What happened when Lightning crashed into a French cheese truck?

There was du brie everywhere!

Why do Lighting's wheels always hurt?

They're always tired!

Why was Lightning McQueen in a washing machine?

He wanted to go for a spin!

What kind of scent does Lightning McQueen wear?

Elon Musk!

What did Lightning McQueen say when he crashed?


Did you hear about the book Lightning McQueen wrote?

It was an auto-biography!

What happened when Lightning McQueen crashed into a dinosaur?

It was a tyrannosaurus wreck!

What did Lightning say to the frog who needed a ride?

Hop in!

What is Lightning McQueen's favourite meal?