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F1 Jokes

What do we want? Formula 1. When do we want it? NEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOW! Take your place in the starting grid for the greatest F1 jokes that are crazier than a Lewis Hamilton overtaking technique!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2021

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A Racecar in reverse is still a… 


What’s a F1 drivers favourite fairytale?

The Elves and the Schumacher!

What’s a F1 drivers favourite fairytale?

Mansell and Gretel!

Snow White Jokes
Snow White Jokes

Why did the saucer of milk lose the race?

He was always getting lapped!

Why was the F1 race declared a draw?

They couldn’t Piquet winner!

In next year’s Monaco GP, Lewis Hamilton will knock the back bit of his car off…

Spoiler Alert!

Q: Who was the name of that famous Austrian F1 driver again, Niki..?
A: Lauda? 


Why was Lewis Hamilton shocked after finishing the first lap?

He’d completed the circuit! (This was a joke about electricity btw)

Harry Potter was amazed when Ferrari won the Grand Prix…

Because he expecto'd Petronas!

What did Lewis Hamilton give his baby?

Formula one!

I hate all cars…

Especially the formula one's!

What do you call it when you hit a Formula 1 driver?

A Max Verslappentheface

What did the cat say when it was picked as a Formula 1 driver?


No wonder Finland won so many Formula 1 races…

They kept moving the Finnish line!

What do you call the guy who lifts the car up at a pitstop?


Why did the mechanic go to bed in his overalls?

He wanted to get up oily!

Did you hear what happened when a Spider signed for McLaren

He took their car out for a spin!

Did you here about the sausage driver who turned up to the F1?

Turned out he wanted the banger race!

Who does a foot call when his car breaks down?

A toe truck!