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Olaf Jokes

Looking for some BRRRR-illiant Frozen jokes? Look snow further than these epic jokes about everyone's favourite snowman!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  March 6th 2022

These Olaf jokes are snow-tally awesome! Not what you're after? Click here for Frozen jokes, Disney jokes, and or even these epic Encanto jokes! And once you're done chuckling at these, make sure you head on over to our main jokes page for even more laughs! Don't forget to try the Great Joke Generator at the bottom of the page!

Why was Olaf looking through the carrots?

He was picking his nose!

Where does Olaf host his website?

Computer joke thumbnail
Computer joke thumbnail

On the winternet!

What are Olaf's two favourite letters of the alphabet?


What does Olaf like in his burger?

Chilly sauce!

What did Olaf say to the aggressive carrot?

Carrot Jokes
Carrot Jokes

Get out of my face!

What does Olaf wear on his head?

A snow cap!

What does Olaf eat for breakfast?


Why did Olaf lose the schnitzel-eating contest?

Because Olaf ate six, Sven ate nine!

Why would Olaf from Frozen be a good thief?

Because he has sticky fingers!

Who are Olaf's enemies?


Why does Olaf keep his money in the freezer?

Because he wants cold hard cash!

What type of phone does Olaf have?

A snowmobile!

What is Olaf's favourite Mexican dish?


What do you call Olaf with a six pack?

The abdominable snowman!

Why is it dangerous for Olaf to be angry?

He might have a meltdown!

What is Olaf's favourite drink?

Iced tea!

What does Elsa put in Olaf's stocking for Christmas?

A lump of Cold!

What do you call Olaf in the desert?

A dolphin in the Nile river

A puddle!

How does Olaf get around Arendelle?

Bike Jokes Thumbnail
Bike Jokes Thumbnail

On an ice-icle!

How does Olaf make his bed?

With sheets of ice and blankets of snow!