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Look How Bad These Halloween Costumes Are!

Halloween is so close now and the shops are stocking up with quite a strange collection of costumes

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 24th 2017

Like this cosy goldfish costume

The scariest of all the fish (except maybe a Skeletuna)

Cozy Goldfish

How about some spooky cutlery?

Or should that be SPORKy cutlery?


Or an egg!



Something tells me these guys don’t know what a samurai is

Where are his shoes??

Samurai costume that is a small knight without shoes on

Nothing says Halloween quite like a ballerina having a piggy back!

This is a real costume that is in a shop!!


Maybe you'd want to dress as a favourite character - like Steven Universe

Erm...Steven? Are you okay?

Steven Universe is a scary grown man

Or a Minion

Everyone's favourite Banana Boy

Banana Boy minion costume

Or Game Guy?

From the upcoming game - "Super Video Game Guy Odessey"

Video Game Guy but really it's Mario

Oh yes! Mouse Boy!

That classic costume favourite!

Mouse boy costume

Is this supposed to be from Minecraft?

Digital Mask - a minecraft costume?

This is definitely supposed to be from Minecraft

Creepiest creeper ever!

Pixel Robot Monster is actually a creeper

This costumes not that bad, but something seems a little off about it...

It's missing the aerial!

BB8 with massive legs and peace hands

You’re probably better off making your own costume this year – like this epic guy dressed as a fire!

Hot stuff!

Man dressed as a fire sitting in a fireplace