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Make Your Own Mix-and-match Magical Animal Maker!

Ever wondered what a unicorn crossed with a banana would look like? Well, wonder no more because we can show you!

Using just a few paper cups, some pens and a sprinkle of imagination, we’ll show you how to make an awesome mix-and-match character maker. This one features a weird mixture of creatures, from a classic unicorn to a robotic horse, via a snake and a, er, banana?

All you need to do is follow the steps in the video or below…

Get Some Paper Cups

5 or 6 will do the trick! 

Pencils, Pens, and Scissors

Get your pencil case out. You’ll need a safe pair of scissors to cut the cups up. 

Cut the Bottom of the Cups Off

Cut the small bit off the bottom of two cups. 

Stack Them

Put the smaller cup bottoms upside down inside the other cups, so they stack up and spin around smoothly. Remember, the heads go on the top one, the bodies in the middle, and the legs on the bottom row. 

Plan Your Drawings

Mark the places where you’ll draw the three separate parts of your characters out so they’ll line up when you turn them. remember to space them out evenly! 

Get Drawing!

Draw the separate character parts out. You can copy your favourite characters, or draw your friends, or even use pictures you’ve cut out from magazines! 

Mix and Match

Now, get mixing characters your own character creations. Banana robo-unicorn anyone?