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Maleficent Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Mistress of All Evil?

Could you be a minion for the malicious Maleficent? Test your knowledge here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 9th 2023

Maleficent is one of the best Disney villains of all time! She's cruel, cold and calculating - and it doesn't hurt that she has one of the best villain wardrobes ever! If you're a Disney villain expert, you'll probably get a perfect score - so why not give it a go? Just be careful around any spinning wheels...

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Which film is Maleficent the villain of?


What animal always accompanies Maleficent?


Why is Maleficent upset at the King and Queen?


Which houseshold item does Maleficent curse, in order to kill Princess Aurora?


Where is Maleficent's castle?


Why are Maleficent's henchman unable to find Aurora?


What form does Maleficent take when she hypnotises Aurora?


What creature does Maleficent turn into to fight Prince Philip?


Which famous actress plays Maleficent in the live-action Disney movies?


In the original film, Maleficent is voiced by actress Eleanor Audley. Which other Disney villain did she play?

Oops! Looks like you're not Maleficent's minion material! Don't worry, you can always have another go and see if you can bring your score up!

Good attempt! You're clearly a Disney villain fan! But why not try again and see if you can get a higher score?

Very good! You know Maleficent very well indeed! Why not try once more and see if you can get a perfect score - we know you can do it!

PERFECT score! You know everything about Maleficent... in fact, you might even BE Maleficent! Terrifying!