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20 Sleeping Beauty Jokes That’ll Get You Up In The Morning! 

These Sleeping Beauty jokes are pure magic! Check out these Silly Sleeping Beauty puns and share them with your friends - they're sure to wake anyone up!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 11th 2022

These funny Sleeping Beauty jokes are nothing to snooze about! Check out these funny jokes all about Sleeping Beauty and have a giggle! And if you liked these, how about checking out more Disney stuff here? We've got the best Beauty and the Beast jokes, Minnie Mouse jokes here, and as always, hundreds more funny jokes on our Jokes Hub!

What grants wishes and barks?

A fairy dogmother!

What slept for 100 years and floats in the sky?

The Aurora Borealis!

What did Aurora say when her photos weren't ready?

Some day my prints will come!

Why did Aurora lie on the edge of her bed?

She wanted to drop off!

What did Sleeping Beauty do on her phone?

Downloaded a nap!

How do you know if Sleeping Beauty likes you?

She gives you forty winks!

Why did Sleeping Beauty fall asleep in her breakfast?

She was egg-sausted!

What is Sleeping Beauty's favourite animal?

A zzzzebra!

What's Sleeping Beauty's favourite food?


I never know whether or not to trust Sleeping Beauty...

She could be spinning a yarn!

What sleeps all day and lives on Pride Rock?

Princess A-ROARa!

What money does Sleeping Beauty use?


How come Maleficent could turn into a dragon?

She was just very talon-ted!

Why didn't Flora, Fauna and Merryweather live under a toadstool?

There wasn't mushroom!

What did Princess Aurora get for her birthday?


What did Aurora call her dress shop?

Once Upon A Seam

Aurora sold her old spinning wheel for half price

Now that's what I call fair-retail!

Why did Aurora go to sleep in the forest?

She wanted to sleep like a log!

Did you hear the one about Sleeping Beauty?

It's a pretty tired joke!

Who turned Sleeping Beauty into a fish?

Her fairy codmother!