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Pocahontas Jokes

It's time to paint with all the col-lols of the wind with theses punny Pocahontas jokes! They're absolute gold! Check them out and see which funny Pocahontas joke is your favourite!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  June 2nd 2022

These Pocahontas puns are perfect! Explore this amazing New World...of jokes! We've got loads of Pocahontas based laughs to keep you laughing all the way around the riverbend! And if you liked this, why not check out more Disney jokes, including Aristocat Jokes, lol-worthy Lilo and Stitch Jokes, or even these terrific Tangled Jokes! And of course, you can get loads more jokes on our jokes hub!

What colour is the wind?


Why did Pocahontas buy a new canoe paddle?

It was quite the oar-deal!

What did the beaver say to Grandmother Willow?

It's been nice gnawing you!

What's got whiskers and wants lots of gold?

Governor Rat-cliffe!

Why was Meeko so unhealthy?

Because his diet is rubbish!

Why doesn't Flit sing songs?

Because he's a hummingbird!

Why shouldn't you be scared of Grandmother Willow?

Her bark is worse than her bite!

What has four legs and sings about nature?


What did John Smith say when he first saw corn?

This is a-maize-ing!

Why was Pocahontas worries about being overheard in the field?

Because corn has ears!

What is Ratcliffe's favourite type of dog?

A golden retriever!

What did Ratcliffe say to his men when he thought he'd found gold?

AU! Get over here!

Why doesn't Pocahontas like river jokes?

They drive her round the bend!

What did Pocahontas say when Beavers got in the way of her canoe?

Dam it!

Why was Grandmother Willow so sad?

She was watching a sappy movie!

Pocahontas tried to tell John Smith a joke about gold

But it was too corny!

How does Grandmother Willow go online?

She logs on!

Why did Ratcliffe's men smell so good?

They were cologne-ists!

Why did the British cross the Atlantic?

To get to the other tide!

Where does Ratcliffe keep all his gold?

Mine, mine , mine!