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Tangled Jokes

Looking for a laugh? Let your hair down with these tower-fully funny Tangled jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 4th 2022

Looking for some Rapunzel puns? You're in the right place! Here's a list of the finest Tangled jokes you'll find anywhere outside the village of Corona! Looking for some other Princess-worthy Disney jokes? We've got loooads! Have a nose around these Pinocchio jokes, these enchanting Encanto jokes, or even these roar-some Lion King jokes!

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I was really looking forward to seeing Rapunzel in the Tangled movie.

But her hair was such a let down!

What Disney film should you watch whilst brushing your hair?


I tied up two Disney DVDs with string and put them in the freezer

They were Tangled and Frozen!

How does Rapunzel keep cool in the summer?

With her hAIR conditioner!

Rapunzel is not a fairy tale

It's a hairy tale!

Rapunzel got a haircut recently, but she wasn’t happy afterwards

She said it made her lightheaded!

Who’s the funniest Disney princess?


Disney Jokes
Disney Jokes

What does Rapunzel and the Tower she is locked in have in common?

One’s a made-up story, the other is a maid up stories!

How did the witch know it was exactly twelve midday?

She used her Witch Watch!

How do we know that Rapunzel went to a lot of parties?

She loved to let her hair down!

What's purple and screams from the top of a tower?

A damson in distress!

Rapunzel is finally getting the clock fixed at the top of her tower.

It's high time!

What’s the name of Rapunzel’s friend who lives in a Church tower?


Did you hear Rapunzel’s tower won the non-Church category in the tower design awards?

They gave it a no-bell prize!

Why did Rapunzel live at the top of the tower?

Because she was afraid of depths!

Have you heard about the alternate ending to Tangled where Rapunzel’s hair stays long?

It's the Uncut Version!

A dog with nice long hair

Wanna hear a pun about long hair?


Why did Rapunzel get a pet reptile?

So she could star in the new movie, the Tortoise and the Hair!

A tortoise shell

I used to not like long hair in Disney movies...

But It’s really grown on me!

Toad jokes

Why is Rapunzel the Queen of Quarantine?

Because she stayed indoors for years to avoid the village of Corona!

Science Jokes
Science Jokes