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20 Funny Pinocchio Jokes

Check out this awesome list of Pinocchio Jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  September 7th 2022

If you love classic Disney, the newer live action film with Tom Hanks as Geppetto (or the works of 19th Century Author Carlo Collodi) then you’ll love being strung along by our hilarious Pinocchio Jokes!
Who nose, maybe afterwards you’ll have enough laughs left for some 36 Disney Jokes That Don’t Take the Mickey! or our main jokes page and don't forget to try our our amazing Joke Generator!

Gepetto thought he’d get rich making shadow puppets…

But they were just projected figures!

Why did Pinocchio cry?

Because of the Puppet tears

Does anyone know if Pinocchio hated glove puppets?

A show of hands, perhaps?

Why did Pinocchio hate his nose?

He didn’t get to pick it!

What language was the story of Pinocchio originally written in?

Wood Polish!

Where does Pinocchio go to hang out?

The Yewth Club

Why did the lobster fisherman throw Pinocchio in the sea?

Because Pinocchio told him he wanted to be a real buoy!

How did Pinocchio dry off after being eaten by the whale?

With a beach dowel!

Why did Pinocchio want a pay as you go phone?

He just wanted something with no strings attached for a change!

Why was Gepetto hung, drawn and quartered?

Tree son

Pinocchio hated his nose…

It grew on him!

What did Pinocchio say when he discovered that he could float?

I'm a real buoy!

Why doesn’t Pinocchio’s nose ever grow longer than 12 inches?

Then it’d be a foot and that would be a much weirder story!

Is Pinocchio stressed?

He’s just highly strung!

When Pinocchio does a poo…  

It’s called a dowel movement!

Did you see that guy playing Pinocchio in Panto?

I’m afraid his acting was a little wooden. Boy…

How did Gepetto get Pinocchio’s nose so shiny?

He glossed over it!

I was going to tell you all a Pinocchio joke…

But everyone nose it!

What was Pinocchio doing on a Lilo?


Why did Pinocchio clean his bedroom?

He sawdust!