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20 Memorable Dory Jokes for Kids!

Just keep laughing with these funny Dory jokes! Check out these Dory jokes, they're loads of fin!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  December 7th 2022

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What do you call a bodybuilding fish?

Hunky Dory!

What would Dory say if she was a hairdresser?

Just keep trimming!

My short term memory is bad...

And so is my short term memory!

What do you call a horror film starring fish?

Finding Gory!

Why did Dory warn Nemo about escaping through the toilet?

Because it was a sewer side mission!

What does Dory say when she cuts the grass?

Just keep strimming!

What should you say if you meet Dory?

I'm your biggest fin!

What kind of snacks do fish eat?


Why is Dory so classy?

She's very so-fish-ticated!

Where is Dory from?


Why did Dory laugh?

She'd just met a clown fish!

Why was Dory excited?

She'd found a new oppor-tuna-tea!

How does Dory take photos?

With a clam-era!

Where does Dory live?


Why was Dory wearing a crown?

Because she's a Royal Blue Tang!

Why did Dory giggle?

Because the seaweed!

Have you heard about Dory?

She's really making waves!

Why did Dory's meal taste funny?

A clownfish made it!

Where does Dory sleep?

In the riverbed!

What's Dory's favourite hip hop group?

Blue Tang Clan!