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20 Whale Jokes To Make Splash With

Ready for some KILLER puns and gags? Have yourself a WHALE of a time with these epic whale jokes!

Last Updated:  October 11th 2021
First Published:  November 11th 2020

Love a porpoise pun or a whimsical whale witticism? Then read on for some cracking whale jokes!

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Who helps injured whales?


How does a whale relax?

Netflix and krill!

Why do whales sing?

Because they can’t talk!

Why did the whale cross the ocean?

To get to the other side!

Why was the whale sad?

Because she was a BLUE WHALE!

What did the whale say when he saw his ex girlfriend?

‘This is ORCAkward!'

What does a whale like to chew?


Why can’t you trust a whale with your money?

He’ll BLOW the HOLE lot!

Why did the whales tell their friend to be quiet?

He wouldn’t stop HARPOONING on about things!

Why did the whale want to stay at the party?

She was having WHALE of a time!

Why did the whale cross the ocean?

It was her life’s PORPOISE!

Did you hear about the killer whale?

He went in for the krill!

What do polite whales say?

You’re whale-come!

Where do whales sleep?

On the ocean bed!

How do whales make decisions?

They FLIPPER coin!

What did the crab say to the beached whale?

"Long time no sea!"

How did the octopus make the whale laugh?

With ten-tickles!

Why does Charles get treated like royalty when he goes in the sea?


Because he's the Prince of Whales!

Why do mermaids never stay on shore for too long?

mermaid jokes

They find it over-whale-ming!

What's the difference between Scooby Doo and a marine biologist?

One wags a tail, the other tags a whale!

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