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Little Mermaid Jokes

Don't be shellfish, share these funny Little Mermaid jokes with your friends! These funny Little Mermaid jokes are the best thing you'll ever sea!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 19th 2022

There's nothing fishy about these Little Mermaid jokes, they're the funniest thing under the sea - or anywhere! And if you thought these were good, check out our other sea-themed lols! We've got fantastic fish jokes, some awesome ocean jokes, and even some fin-tastic dolphin jokes! And don't forget, you can find even more lols on our main jokes page!

Why was Ariel worried about her fish friend?

He was floundering!

How do you weigh the Little Mermaid?

You use her scales!

What sort of pictures does Ariel take?


Where does Ariel sleep?

On a water bed!

Why doesn't Ariel play tennis?

She doesn't want to get caught in the net!

Where does Ariel keep her money?

In a river bank!

How do you keep in contact with the Little Mermaid?

Through C-mail!

What does the Little Mermaid eat with ice cream?


Why did Ariel blush?

Because the seaweed!

Why wasn't Sebastian speaking to Ariel?

He was feeling crabby!

What is Sebastian's favourite food?

Crab apples!

What happened when Sebastian went to the gym?

He pulled a mussel!

What happened when Ariel lost her fork?

She tried brushing her hair with a spoon, but it was pointless!

What did the sea say to Ariel?

Nothing, it just waved!

What do you call a photograph of a mermaid taken from the sky?

Arial shots!

What is the Little Mermaid's favourite font?


What did Ariel spot shivering at the bottom of the sea?

A nervous wreck!

Why did Ariel change her mind about becoming human?

She got cold feet!

Where does Ariel watch films?

At the dive-in!

Why doesn't Ariel go online?

She's scared of the net!